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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

I signed up for the paper bag swap--my first swap--with great excitement.  I tried to think of something new, marvelous, amazing.  Then, I went with an old favorite: a lunch bag scrapbook.  My partner was Sherry, designer of those darling maiden dresses.  The one thing I knew about Sherry was she liked Cowboys and I had a too-cute sheet of cowboy paper I'd been saving for a special occasion.  

I started with the cowboy paper on the cover.  I have a fun technique which is to spell my titles, in this case "giddy-up", in at least 1" letters.  I then cover the lettering with  FOIL Electrical Tape (I buy it at Wal-Mart $3-$5). I use a stylus to outline the letters and in this case I drew a lasso around the outside.  At this point I rub over it with dark ink and wipe it off with a tissue to leave shading in the grooves left behind by the stylus. On the inside I did a variety of pages including fabric covered and a pull-out page which can be a bit tricky.  I have a darling little rubber stamp that reads "photo here" which I confess to overusing!

But, as always, my favorite is what I consider my signature page.  A manila envelope accordion page with co-ordinating tags. It looks amazing (I think), but is really quite simple.  
I begin with 5 or 7, always an odd number, of small manila envelopes. Decorate with rubber stamps, inking, glitter or nothing at all.  Cut tops evenly creating five matching "pockets".  For a cute effect trim each successive pocket 1/4 inch shorter than the one before it.  Now you are ready to glue them together.   Glue each to the other securely down the center allowing room on the sides for "flex".  Finally, securely adhere the outside envelopes to opposite pages tucking the bottom deep into the "bind".  You are now ready to add your decorated tags remembering to trim each one to match the co-ordinating pocket.  The tags are fun for photos, quotes, show tickets or any memory you would like to tuck inside.

I've used this technique many times, always with a different spin on it, usually in altered books and I am always happy with the results.  If you don't have access to or simply can't afford the envelopes (which can be kinda spendy!), it is also effective to make mock envelopes from paper.  I have used this technique as well with equally good results.

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  1. This is totally fabulous, especially the accordion page. Also, I love the lettering/foil idea!