Here I am with my best friend in the whole world, Renee'. It took me thirty-two years to find her! I used to hear the expression soul-mate and I really couldn't get it, then I met Renee`. I believe men and women are just too different to be soul-mates. So, ladies, if you have one out there, it will be a girlfriend.

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I am fifty-eight years old and a happy empty-nester of three grown children: nearly 26, 33 and 37. My 33 year old daughter is married and gave us our first grandchild, a baby girl named Astrid. I have been married one time for 41 years so far. I am the sixth of eight sisters. I have done some traveling. My restless oldest daughter took me to New York, Paris and London. I love to scrapbook, do needle art, beading, quilt, sew, decorative paint, home decorating and anything else that I can imagine or inspires me after looking at a magazine, HGTV, or the web! I enjoy having internet friends and think of them as modern day pen-pals.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy to be in the Land of Blogspot!

For my 4 or 5 followers that may of thought there is something odd about my blog, there is.

My sight is a little quirky today because I cut and pasted it from another blog-sight. That is why my pictures are a little out-of-whack, as well as my writing, and you are unable to tap into the comments etc. However, after "Around the World in a Lot of Days" my posts are new. Wish me luck, I'll try and get this cleaned up and I'm happy to be out of wordpress and into blogspot.

My address is pretty much the same:

We'll be seeing you, Bridget

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  1. Hi Bridget,
    Thanks for letting me know that you changed to blogspot. I think you will like it. Sweet banner:)
    Happy weekend!
    Deb :)