Here I am with my best friend in the whole world, Renee'. It took me thirty-two years to find her! I used to hear the expression soul-mate and I really couldn't get it, then I met Renee`. I believe men and women are just too different to be soul-mates. So, ladies, if you have one out there, it will be a girlfriend.

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I am fifty years old and a recent empty-nester of three grown children: nearly 19, 26 & 30. None married, no grand-babies:( I have been married one time for 34 years so far. I am the sixth of eight sisters. I've done a bit of traveling. My restless daughter took me to New York, Paris and London. I love to scrapbook, do needle art, beading,quilt, sew, decorative painting, home decorating and anything else that inspires me after looking at a magazine, HGTV, or the web! I enjoy having internet friends and think of them as modern day pen-pals.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pennsylvania, DC, Winthrop, Seattle, Denver & I'm back.......

     The closest I'm going to come 
to being president.

My friend once said to me, "All excuses are equal."  That whirls around in my head every time I try to think of a good enough excuse why I can't or haven't or won't be able to do something.  Based on that I have no reason to offer why it's been so long since I've posted.

Since I've been away one of the things I've done is visit Pennsylvania with my baby sister, Patty.  We went via DC and rented a car.  Now that was quite  an experience.  I live on the west coast where we have INTERSTATES.  I live about three hours from my son.  I live on one side of the Snoqualamie  Mountains in a tiny farm town while he lives on the other side in West  Seattle.  In order to travel to his home I drive the highway I live  on for 40 miles then ease onto INTERSTATE 90. After driving for two more hours I take a couple of city exits and turn onto College Street.  Voila!  I'm there.  We have no tolls or turnpikes, just 70 MPH freeways with the occasional inconvenience of road construction.  
For those of you that live on the east coast you know it's not quite like that.  We rented a GPS and made 50 turns (maybe not 50, but a lot!) between DC and U of P.  It was interesting to see the differences in other parts of America and the drive was beautiful.
Moving on.....What took us to U of P was a museum exhibit titled The Lives They Left Behind.  It honored the lives of Willard State Hospital patients.  After the hospital closure hundreds of suitcases were found in the attic of one of the buildings.  Ten years and painstaking research revealed a brief look into how many lives were stolen away, held captive, not for mental treatment, but to keep the hospital operating. To see much of the exhibit online, google: The Lives They Left Behind. And for moving, real photos of this hospital and more check out the work of Matthew Murray at and click asylums.
I also turned 51 while I was away (September 12) . I celebrated with  my great  friend, Diane, by taking a trip to an awesome little cowboy town named Winthrop, WA and doing a bit of shopping and eating. What  is a trip if you  don't shop and eat?
                                                                                                   This is one of the views between my home and Winthrop.
I love to drag my family to home shows --not Street of Dreams, where movie stars live-- its too far from my league and I can't think that big.  But really nice homes where I can say, "I want to put that in my kitchen."

This is my baby, Victoria, on my birthday, on the home show tour.

I've  also flown to Denver to see my best friend, Renee.  I really need to learn more about America.  I had no idea Denver was desert.  I thought it was this mountainous ski resort where all the stars go to ski.  After going for a visit I found out that it is no closer to the mountains than I am where I live.  Clearly, I should have paid more attention in Geography.

Nevertheless, I had a fabulous time.  We went to an Arts and Crafts Show, Yard Sales, craft stores, worked on crafts and watched mega movies.  While she was at work I rearranged ALL of her furniture, rummaged through her garage for decorator items (she's downsized from a huge home to an awesome townhouse) and redecorated.  It was just like playing house.  And she's a fabulous friend, so she totally loved it, which made it even more fun.  When she moved in she told the mover, "Just put the furniture wherever." and he did.

When I left home I had  one carry-on.  When I returned I brought 2 carry-ons, 1- 50 lb bag and 1- 49 lb bag.  Luckily I fly on a guest pass so I am allowed extra baggage at no fee.  But, I still had to leave a few things which she will bring out to me in a couple of weeks.  However, I got about a half hour from the airport when they called and said someone had taken my bag and I had hers!!!  Because I wasn't using MY luggage but borrowed luggage I didn't even notice.  I was the LAST one off the plane and there were only TWO bags left so I took them.  Of course I was so over-packed it was the first time I have ever packed my purse.

I was really lucky the other person noticed because I live three hours from the airport and traditionally I come home, dump my bags in the living room and open them 3-4 days later when I'm not exhausted.

But I arrived home with all my treasures and fun was had by all.  

Next week my amazing friend, Shelly, arrives from Alaska for a few days of eating, scrapbooks and shopping---there isn't much shopping in Fairbanks.  And we're going to enjoy our Indian Summer.  It's below zero with snow in Fairbanks while it's still in the 50's with sunshine here.  It will seem like a heatwave.

I met Shelly at least ten years ago at a scrapbook conference when I arrived on time--I swear EVERYONE else was early--and the meeting was in progress.  My group was waaay in the front, so even though there were, literally, 100 empty chairs I slipped into the chair next to Shelly and we've been best friends every since!  It's a good thing the meeting started early and Shelly sat in the back.  Smile.  It's been back and forth to Alaska every since!

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